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Chores vs. responsibilities
Doing "chores" all day is not part of the Montessori curriculum. Children work on responsibilities to help prepare and maintain their environment.Working on these responsibilities shows the child that they are an important part of the environment. They will gain a sense of pride while developing independence. 

Environment: Responsibilities are required for life long skills. These are incorporated in the child's daily life in a Montessori environment. Children are expected to clean up after meals, wipe or mop any spills, water and take care of plants, clean windows and so much more. These activities are things that any adult will have to do in a life time so why not teach a child at a young age? The key is to make the activities accessible to the child so that the responsibility can be carried out.

Child: The children are responsible not only for the environment but also themselves. Any belongings that are brought into the environment are the child's responsibility (backpack, outside shoes and etc.). The child is also responsible for actions as well. For example, if Child A accidentally steps on Child B's materials then Child A is responsible for fixing (if necessary) Child B's work. This will force the children to be responsible of their bodies and how they move around the environment. 

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