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Freedom of choice

The child has the freedom to choose what to do for the academic school day. This does not mean that the child will be running around the environment, throwing things without any instruction. The limit with this freedom is that the child can only use materials after a lesson was given. The materials used for certain lessons are free for the child to explore whenever the work is available. This can produce extensions or variations of the original given lesson. As long as the child understands the aim or direct purpose of the work then the child is free to explore the materials. It is important for the guide to observe the children to make sure the materials are not being misused. If a child wants to work with a certain material but is not ready to receive a presentation/lesson then make the material accessible for that child. For example if a child keeps asking to work with The Montessori Clock but can't recognize numbers up to 12 then maybe the child can just place the numbers in the sockets. This will feed the child's want to work with The Clock while also exercising one-one correspondence and fine motor skills. 

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