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Planes of Development
Maria Montessori created this concept of development that outlines how the child learns in the different stages of life. This model helps you navigate through your child's development and gives you a guideline as to how to teach the child. 

Stage One 0-6 years- The child will go through an unconscious absorbent mind (0-3 yrs.) and a conscious absorbent mind (3-6 yrs.). 

Stage Two 6-12 years- The child will crave peer interaction, want to explore cultural studies, and will ask "how" and "when."

Stage Three 12-18 years- The child goes through puberty (12-15yrs) and wants financial freedom. Between the ages 15-18yrs the child goes through adolescent and needs social independence. 

Stage Four 18-Adulthood- Through this stage the process of growth slows down. Adult responsibilities are strong and come alive.

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